The Fourth Secret

2000px-Kraak-logo.svgBloggers this next secret is basically the beginning of a nightmare that will be spoken in my next secret and throughout…

Well after being abused twice, and becoming abandoned, and stealing… I decided to look for a place to live that I could actually afford. Well I couldn’t afford anything so this place had to be FREE!!! And it was actually possible. I had a few friends who were squatters. Now for those of you who have no idea what I’m on about , its very simple. You break into a place that has been abandoned and you call it home. Nobody can kick you out after 5 years of being there. I know this sounds insane but its true. I did it, and millions of people my age still do it today…

Me and my best friend at that time found an old pub and broke into it. I remember it being so dusty and dark you were practically breathing it. The windows were taped with black tape so you couldn’t see the outside. It was pitch black. I remember my best friends exact words , Its better than being out on the streets. Well she was definitely right. So we pulled ourselves together started cleaning up the place took us weeks and weeks.

Once we had finally finished , it was better than a home. Honestly guys it was unbelievable. But truly was something. She hung up her family pictures, I hung up mine. We bought Buddha statues and Holy crosses. We definitely needed some faith at this point. We squatted just the two of us for about 1 year, 2. Then we started getting kids who were homeless in with us. We felt good about you know?

We stayed up till early hours in the morning, trance parties, reggae parties, it was the best time ever considering the struggles we had. But we did it and I don’t feel ashamed of it. At all . You do what you can to survive and theres no time to be picky or to act like someone your not. You just gotta do it and get on with it…

Yep. I was a squatter for ages.

I guess that’s another secret….

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