The Fifth Secret



Hope use are enjoying the secrets as much as I am telling them… Its hard for me, I might type as if it isn’t. But it truly is. These secrets i’ve never told anyone. Well at least a couple of them, the more touching ones , its literally the first time I have opened my mouth… Scratch that, typed it . It feel nice you know, to let it all out. Ive been lonely for a while, its sad sometimes. I’m so young and just sometimes need someone to care you know?

Anyways enough of the soppiness… Back onto the next secret.

Now the reason why on the fourth secret I said that was the beginning of the nightmare, is because it leads to this secret and the following 3…

Well from being a squatter for a while. Feeling lonely , I eventually met a guy. A nice , well at least at first. He made me laugh, get them butterflies, use know what I’m talking about surely. He was that prince charming at the right moment I suppose. Me being young and naïve, I clung on. It was never love. Its hard to explain. I guess you would know if it was love when that person came along. This was more of wanting a companion.

Everything was so quick, one day we re friends getting to know each other more and more. Next minute we re living together . Literally was within a month. Right move at the time. Now before I get judged. I was lonely. Everyone I had ever loved abandoned me. By the age of 14 I was depending on myself. Nobody fed me, looked after me, nothing. When he came along I felt that finally someone loves me. Its hard to explain when you look at yourself now and think what the hell was you thinking.

So we moved in together. Everything wasn’t lovely, we suffered a lot. Barely made a day without starving or being cold and wet from sleeping in shitty places where the rain could get through.

But we had each other. That was enough I suppose at least at the time.

Keep reading my secrets people , you will understand why this secret is the start of a huge nightmare…


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