The Third Secret

Screenshot_20180829-234752Hope the secrets are keeping you on your toes. Still got a few coming along.

Now this next secret isnt really as ‘secret secret’ i mean some people new and know but others just have nooo idea…

So after that episode during summer. Couple of months later my parents split up. I know bullshit right. The whole we will stand together forever till death due us part. Just aint real. So yeah they seperated not officially but my dad came back to london and we stayed there. He kinda left without a notice but thats cool i got over it i think. One day my mum just took my little sister and moved out too with her ‘out of nowhere’ boyfriend. I hate him by the way. Hes like a mixture of … cant even think of anyone thats how bad it is. So yeah i was left by myself at the age of 14 coming up to 15 in a house. Abandoned. Ermm what can i say about that. I love my mum too bits shes my best friend but some things just stick with you, you know.

Anyways im in this big house by myself, by this time ive dropped out of school had no money which leads to no electricty and no food. With all of this said… i turned into the biggest thief known in the area…

I aint proud but i had no choice. I would steal everything. Food. Clothes. Money. Eventually it got so easy and addictive , it was like my job. I mean i had to survive right? Dont know if that makes a difference to what people might think about me but it was either that or starvation and loneliness…

Well to be fair. Loneliness was always there. Especially when it got dark. Im scared of big houses and having the lights off. It got that bad 😐

You know when everyone turns their back on you and the secrets ive told till now. You do end up giving up. Not talking about suicidal or nothing like that. Im talking about i had moments where i would sit on this huge wooden chair i remember everytime i moved an inch it would creek. It was so annoying. I would sit on it and just not think about anything. Anything at all. Then i would get flashbacks and thats when the anger would kick in i guess…

People have been through worse i know. But i guess im just putting out my story…

I guess this is another secret…

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