The First Secret


Wow. Here i am actually writing a blog , you know, sharing my story, getting other people to listen and to avoid making the mistakes i did. Hopefully it will change peoples lives. Anyways, i am a 22 year old girl with a beautiful 2 year old. Just turned 2 actually. Crazy how time flies within a blink of an eye.

But lets just start from the beginning.

In 2010, my parents decided we (me and my little sister) should go back home. Portugal. To be fair i hated the idea leaving everything behind and starting this new life in a new country new school. I was 14 at the time so i had no choice but to go. Our family was always together. I mean i have an older brother. Hes 32, i think ,im terrible with ages so… anyways he ran away from home when i was about 10. Now ive always loved my brother. I mean hes my blood, we have different dads, but ive always loved him.

Sometimes the only problem is one may love too much which leads to stupid decisions and disappointment .Dont even think there is any excuse. I was only 10 you know. I remember i used to get flashbacks. Still do today. Flashbacks of everything. The voice. The touch. The…

Im guessing if anyone is reading this you know what im about to say. Yes. Your right. I remember being just about 10 and my older ‘lovely’ brother would ask me to sleep in his room. Take my hand and use it as he pleased. In 22 years. This is the first time i have told this , i dunno. Dont wanna ruin the whole ‘perfect’ family mojo i guess.

Lets just say the day he ran away. I thanked God every single day for making him dissapear. Protect your little sister , watch out for her. Guess he took his role very seriously.

Crazy how you would think the only people that can never hurt you are the ones related. Or the ones who you grow up with. Just not true. Anybody in this world can destroy you in seconds. Minutes. Hours. Years. People. People are people. Dad. Mum. Cousin. Sister . Just labels. Truth is we are all just people.

I guess thats the secret …

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